Malakid: "Mandarin"

November 15, 2019

“Mandarin” was released this week as artist Malakid’s second officially released single. The reggaeton-inspired beat gives way to MalaKid’s fast-paced verse (accompanied by secret guest rapper) and catchy chorus that keeps the listener on their toes. His clever lyrics never fail to impress and always carry meaning, usually boasting his roots to hometown Oakland, California, which in this case is shared by all collaborators of the song. SharDL’s angelic voice sweeps in after the first chorus and, along with the layering of harmonization that characterize his style, provides a complementary contrast to the fast-paced tempo of the rest of the song. SharDL’s verse is neatly passed on to OaKoby, whose rhymes are always embellished by sultry vocals that add a compelling quality to his words.

“‘Mandarin’ was inspired

by my devotion

to sharing love with

the people around me” 


Originally from Oakland, California, Malachi DeVries, or Malakid to the music world, has been making music quietly for years, his songs shared in a private music-sharing group made up of close friends, and only recently has he begun to take his music public. His most recent release, “Mandarin,” features three other members from the original music group: Schorl Brest van Kempen (SharDL), Koby Cobb-Vialet (OaKoby), and a secret, uncredited third feature. The four have been close friends since they were kids at Noccs elementary school and, as is clearly expressed in their music, have not forgotten what to them is more than just friendship, but brotherhood.


Inspired by groups such as Black Hippy and Dreamville, Malakid’s collaboration with his childhood friends in this song are exemplary of his unwavering loyalty to his roots -- not only to the city where he grew up but also to the people who helped shape him to be the artist he is today.


“Mandarin” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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